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Giới thiệu công ty


Address: Lot 3, 4 Doi Ngo town industrial zone, Doi Ngo town, Luc Nam dist, Bac Giang province

Tell: (84-204) 3.589.592

Email: contact@bacgianglng.vn

Legal representative: Mr. Nguyen Van Thien - Title: General Director


Company history and development of Bac Giang LNG Garment Corporation

Business areas:

- Producing export clothes of all kinds;

- Import-export services, freight forwarding;

- Producing and trading garment accessories; machinery and spare parts and equipment for industrial sewing; Audio and lighting equipment

- Trading in machinery and other spare parts.

- Trading in, other specialized wholesale, not yet classified (Detail: Buying and selling domestic garment and export materials)

- Inland and suburban passenger transport (except for bus transport)

- Road passenger transport other - Vocational education (Detail: Vocational training)

- Doing other business in accordance with the law.


- With the pioneering aspiration and investment strategy - sustainable development, Bac Giang LNG Garment Company strives to become the leading garment company in Vietnam with prestige and position on the world economic map.


- Do not stop creative, by professional and sincere, ensure the satisfaction of customers and partners.

- Do not stop learning, looking for technological solutions, continuous improvement in production to bring customers the products with the best quality.

Core values

- Man is the greatest asset, the main factor for the strength and development of Bac Giang LNG

- Taking the product quality and satisfying the interests of customers as the core values in the maintenance and development of Bac Giang LNG Garment Corporation.